Oct. 5th, 2009

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I forgot that today, the furnace people were coming to change the filter out of the furnace. So at 10 am, security knocks on the door so that the furnace guy can come in (we live in a condo, and if they have to enter the unit for these kind of maintenance things, they give us notice and if there's no occupant home, they have security personel accompany the maintenance guy into the unit for extra safety).

Anyway, so security knocks and I'm like WTF, who's knocking? I don't want to answer the door because I'm sick as a dog, wearing pjs and with a horrible case of red, runny nose, and severe bed head. But, since I didn't come to the door (I was trying to find my stool to look out the peep hole. SHUT UP I'M SHORT.) I hear a key go in the lock, and that's when I realise what's going on. So, I answer the door looking like the above description and they're like EEEK. XD I had to appologise, and the guy's trying not to look amused, and is like, "Don't worry. We can come back in 10 minutes?"

Thank god. I was able to get semi-presentable. The guy just left now. *faceplant*


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